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Enterprise Social Server

Social Networking for the enterprise is a sought after technology with very few vendors. We provide an extensive solution that allows your company to have its own social network with all the features of the consumer social networking sites on the market, but with you in control


Your social networking implementation can be configured for your own internal personnel or as an offering for your customers to interact with each other. They can share messages, status updates, photos, videos,create groups, and much much more


One of the biggest complaints of companies trying to create a social networking presence is that the sites are controlled by third parties as opposed to you. With our server you are in complete control, you control what is shown, what features are available and no one will be removing your content for policies of a third party company


Our system hooks right into the most popular video streaming servers in order to provide real time video chat and streaming to minimize bandwidth usage. With our encoding server option, we can define high quality or HD video formats and allow the user to choose the way they connect and view your video content


The number one reason for a social network is to allow your customers and personnel to share their contextual content, images, videos, audio, group memberships, and more. With our full featured server we make it extremely easy to accommodate those needs

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