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Product Offering

Corporate Intranet

From brand new implementations to cleanup of the classic corporate intranet our modular fully customized interface makes for the cleanest, and most demanding corporate intranet on the market. We allow any level of users to customize any amount of their portal in any way shape or form which allows each individual the quickest most efficient way to get to the information that is most important to them


Historically in a module/pod based intranet offering, management is forced to maintain and come up with what their users see. Although we do allow for managed pages, we advise that content that management would like to share with their employees are placed into a module that users may modify and place accordingly. modules in our system can come from any number of places, including static HTML content, to dynamic forms, rich internet applications, feeds, or any number of web services

Corporate Content

We have conducted a multitude of User Studies with various educational, government and corporate entities that support our idea of allowing the user to pick whatever content they like on their page. Sometimes this comes in the form of a news feed, or social networking feed that is not permitted by the company. Our studies show that the employee is going to go get that content one way or another, so the best thing a company can do is to put it right up front for them, so they can quickly see it and get back to work. We found that employees will do anything to check what they like to check on a normal basis, whether it be to take an elongated bathroom break and check their updates on their phone, or visit a less secured system in a different area. It is time to stop trying to Big Brother your employees and embrace their daily needs, you will benefit from it in the long run

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