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Idea Management

A popularized technology of the Web 2.0 era is the Idea Farm, or Idea Exchange, a site that acts like a user or employee comment/suggestion box that allows the community to rank the ideas importance with a simple system of assigning point values to the ideas that are the most important to each user

Analytics you can profit from

Given that the community is the resource that is deciding what it wants or needs, the analytics from an idea farm can be considered some of the most important information a company can have for expanding their product line. Major corporations like Dell, SalesForce, and Microsoft have gained valuable information from implementing an Idea Farm into their technology offering


Each Idea Farm can be customized to your needs, and multiple farms can exist if one wants to break down the system into various departments or product points. Simply by filling out a quick and easy form you can bring up a whole new site to allow the users to farm their ideas

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