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Content Management

Content Management can mean different things to different people. We have established a system that allows us to define content in any means required by the client, from simple text, to complex definitions, to multimedia and documents, our proven method of organizing content is top notch that even the leading competitive products cannot come close to matching our ease of use, while maintaining an extensive and complex feature rich system

Content Management

In our world content should not be organized on a document by document level, but on a simplistic pattern of pieces of content that can be organized and strung together to create multiple documents with shared information that can be managed using a single interface, updating multiple outputs. If you have one person that is really good at describing a single thing, then you can put them in charge of managing that piece of content, and update every web page, document, help file, database, or anything that uses that piece of content with extremely easy to use tools that can be accessed from any browser

Document Management

Whether your company needs the complexity of a content management system, or the simplicity of a document management system, we provide tools that make asset management and finding the information that you need easier than any competitive offering on the market. If you need a document management system, look no further, you just found the best

Media Management

Although we refer to the system as "Media Management" we are really referring to any type of asset that you define. The difference being that with the Actieve Media Manager we can set a variety of media distribution options for the items being managed for example the sizes that are available for a type of object or an encoding quality for videos, or the way that a file can be found from within the system

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