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User Account Management

Account Management can be a full time job for some IT departments, and a multitude of human error can compound the work even more. Simplistic repeatable tasks that occur in managing user accounts can be a daunting task, and cause for turn over which makes for more unnecessary work costs in training. With our easy to use software you simply setup some rules for how an account is created, modified and removed, and the actual management of the account is placed in the hands of the users themselves with an approval system that can be set to simple management, or even IT administration. All the tasks from setting up a login account, to an e-mail, and shared drives, as well as third party and proprietary systems, all instantaneously at the click of an Approval button

Web Services

The system is easily extended and manipulated using a web service registration that allows you to write a web service to integrate the account creation steps into any number of steps. You can register to ask customized questions and workflow that will allow full registration of a new member into your organization

LDAP, Exchange, SQL Server, Active Directory, Oracle

The out of the box system comes with a huge array of ready to use integration points for easy to configure setup and modification. From creating something as simple as a database user to something as complex as an exchange mailbox, all tasks are as easy to setup as filling out a few questions about your environment

Password Reset Management

Built in with the base installation you can offer your users an extremely simple form to use to allow them to reset their password or unlock their account via answering a few simple questions that they setup however you would like to configure it

User Modification/Removal

No need for a complex help desk request for user changes or terminations, account terminations can be scheduled and requests for modifications to information automated. For example; when a name change occurs after a marriage, the user and manager in charge of that user can change any of the necessary information without involving the help desk at all

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