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Strategic Mobile Initiative


The ability to execute given an architecture, design and prototype is the most important part of the mobile initiative for your company. We have a long list of successful clients that we have proven our capabilities on. Whether you make the design or we do, our staff is top notch in developing the solution that fits your needs.


We use only the top, industry proven technologies to act on a development plan. There is a fair amount of IDE's and languages that have been popping up over the last few years, all of which we do extensive research on, and can provide to you a well documented technology scan of if one of the frameworks or architectures is your preference

Ease of Maintenence

In as many cases as possible we use a single codebase to deploy to the various devices. In some cases a disconnected version of a codebase is required for additional functionality. In those cases we provide detailed documentation outlining each of the devices and how the code base may differ so that your maintenence staff isn't plowing through multiple projects to change the most simplistic of items. Most of the application will be delivered in a library that can be shared across all of the products, with simple projects to deploy to the various devices kept as minimal as possible.