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Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 16 - Las Posadas, National chocolate covered anything day

Mexico celebrates Las Posadas the third week in December. Posada is the Spanish word for “inn.” The nine-day festival of processions and candlelight vigils reenacts the holy family's quest for lodging in Bethlehem, with children playing the roles of Mary, Joseph, the Wise Men, and the shepherds.

The re-enactment is followed by merriment that breaking the piñata. To make a simple version of a piñata, decorate a paper bag with drawings and stickers. Fill it to the brim with your child’s favorite candies, and tie or staple it closed. Tie a string to the end and suspend it from a tree or other high place. Give your child a broom or other stick to swing at the piñata, and wait for the shower of candy to begin! (Supervise the stick-swinging closely!)

Mmmm. Lots of things taste good covered with chocolate. Try some of these.
Graham crackers
Orange slices
Coconut Macaroons

Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 18 - Underdog day We all love stories about underdogs.

Their desire to succeed against the odds inspire children to try to achieve the things they want, even when other kids seem to have the all the advantages. The origin of the word“underdog” comes from the way ships were built. Planks of wood for the construction of a ship were placed over a pit on another set of planks called “dogs.” To saw the planks, a senior “sawsman” stood on top of the platform and a junior “sawsman” was assigned to go into the pit to saw from below, where he would be covered with sawdust. The man on top was called the “overdog” — the one on the bottom — the “underdog.” Some famous underdogs – Harry Potter,singer Susan Boyle, President Barack Obama, Jim Henson, David (David and Goliath), the Tortoise (The Tortoise and the Hare). Go to the library and read about your favorite underdogs.

Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 20 - Saturnalia, Go Caroling Day

Saturnalia was celebrated in ancient Rome, and commemorated the dedication of the temple of the god, Saturn. This week long celebration included playing pranks, bringing trees and greenery inside the house, feasting and gift giving. For one day, the roles of slaves and masters were reversed and the masters served the slaves So, if you don’t yet have your Saturnalia tree, this is a good time to put one up. Get a miniature tree at your local nursery. Decorate it with moons, stars, suns, and of course – Saturn.

After the tree? Take a group of kids caroling. Take a few practice runs on the songs the group will sing. And, if you have a guitar or a karoke CD you brings along for accompaniment, all the better. Be sure to give the neighbors a heads up, so they'll expect and welcome your party. Caroling is always more fun with an audience. Then, head back for nice hot chocolate.
Christmas song lyrics

Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

December 22 - First Christmas lights for sale (1822)

How different winter would look without the beautiful glow of Christmas lights. Bundle up your family and take an evening stroll around to take in the sites. Or go for a drive to the street with the most beautiful displays and enjoy the lights from the warmth of your car. This activity actually has a double benefit- while enjoying the beautiful views, your little one might nod off to Christmas light colored dreams.

Sunday, December 1, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 31 - New year's eve

If you’re getting together with friends for a New Year’s Eve party, why not plan to have everyone bring their kids along? Hire a sitter or two to watch over the little ones, then, just before their bedtime, allow the kids to ring in the New Year by banging on pots and pans, blowing on kazoos, or shaking noise makers. They can each have a glass of sparkling juice (club soda or ginger ale mixed with juice), and then it’s off to curl up in sleeping bags until Mom and Dad scoop them up and take them home. (Of course, with little ones to be driven home at the end of the night, make sure there is a designated driver who has not indulged in the evening’s bubbly refreshments.)

And if you’re staying home for the evening, make a ritual of “out with the old, in with the new” by letting your child throw out all the old calendars in the house and replacing them with new ones. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Saturday, November 30, 2013 by Shelley Miles
December Activities

DECEMBER 9 -Christmas card day, National pastry day

If you are still pondering getting started on your Christmas cards, you aren't alone. There are a couple of services that make it all so much easier. helps you design your cards on line - AND, they will even mail them for you -or, engage the kids in coloring their own. Here are some beautiful printable cards to color: Christmas Cards to Color Color and Print Cards

The kids will also enjoy making collage cards out of recycled Christmas cards.
  • You'll need
  • Old cards
  • Cardboard
  • Glue
  • Scissors
Cut out pictures from old Christmas Cards,and create a new story out of the images. Snow flakes, birds, trees, stars, Santa - they all add to the fun. Then, mix it up with some family photos. You can make individual cards, or scan a print a favorite for a real one-of-a-kind creation.


Thursday, December 2, 2010 by Shelley Miles
Crafts, December Activities

DECEMBER 6-St. Nicholas day, Coats and toys for kids day, Mitten tree day

 This is a fun, easy activity for you and your child to do together. Cut mittens out of different colors of construction paper, then use crayons or glitter glue to add festive patterns to the cut-outs. Punch a hole in the bottom of each mitten, and hang from a nice, twiggy branch discovered outdoors. “Plant” the branch in a red bucket of sand, and display your whimsical winter decoration for all to enjoy.

Donate your gently used coats and toys to bring warmth and joy to a child. Giving children the opportunity to help another child teaches many wonderful lessons about being a friend to others and the joys of giving.

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